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Children are naturally curious and absorb the world around them  like sponges, by asking questions and watching everything that is happening around them. At Science Buzz, we try to evoke in children the curiosity of science by engaging them in experiments, exploration, participation through games and fun. We have a variety of holiday hands-on workshops for 7-12 year olds that contain educational components  and will leave children excited and interested.


General Information


  • Located at Frimley School Hall in Hastings  from 28 Sep- 2 Oct 2020.

  • Our holiday programme is from 9:00-3:00, $55/child per day and $250/child per week. Sibling discounts 10% per child apply.

  • The children will be grouped by ages and will be assisted during the workshops.

  • Our workshops are accurately structured and safe for any child to use.

  • We will have several stops during our workshops -  morning and afternoon tea, lunch and free time/play.

  • Please bring your lunch/snacks and water bottle.

  • Wearing old clothes will be preferable.


Holiday Programme Spring  2020

28 September 2020 – Slime  / Properties of wax

29 September 2020 – Ancient civilization challenge ROME (large workshop)

30 September 2020 – Newton's Law of Motion / Balloon physics 

1 October 2020 – Growing crystals / Egg Exploratorium 

2 October 2020 – DIY Shampoo,shower gel,mozzie repellent (large workshop)

During COVID times we will have sanitiser available for everyones use. Hand washing will be also encouraged. Children will also be wearing gloves during experimentation. Please keep your child home if he is not well, in this situation  we will be able to return funds.   


Contact us

Interested in booking your child for the Science Buzz Holiday Programme? Please give us a call on    021 715 378 or send  us an e-mail to  indicating the following:
·         Name of the child/children attending the programme
·         Days of attendance
·         2 contacts in case of emergency
·         Authorised people to collect child/children
·      Any  health needs we should be aware of? (eg, allergies, food requirements, asthma, medical conditions etc.)
·         Is there anything else we should know about in order to take good care of your child? (eg, custody arrangements, special needs, behavioural issues etc.)

Internet banking: 06-0701-0556423-00 use your child's surname as a reference.


Payment prior to attendance. If you would like to pay cash in the morning of attendance, this must be done by arrangement.

Hawke's Bay New Zealand 


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